Tsunami Hazard Map

ATTENTION: O'ahu Island
The tsunami evacuation zone maps have been updated for O'ahu. These new maps were developed using updated scientific techniques and technology, and were produced in conjunction with County Public Safety Officials. The new tsunami evacuation zone maps for O`ahu can also be found on the Department of Emergency Management Website or the CCH Public GIS Ftp site, or in the 2011 Hawaiian Telcom Yellow Pages.

ATTENTION: Other Islands
These tsunami evacuation zone maps are identical to those located in the front section of your phone book. They are based on data from tsunamis that have hit Hawai'i in the past and represent the best information available at this time. The University of Hawai'i, under direction of State Civil Defense, is currently using the latest scientific techniques and technology to improve this information. Once this is complete, county governments will be able to update their tsunami evacuation zones, if necessary.

Important Map Notes

Remain at least 100 feet away from inland waterways and marinas connected to the ocean due to wave surges and possible flooding.

If possible, remove or deploy vessels to deep water (at least 200 fathoms).

Structural steel or reinforced concrete buildings of six or more stories provide increased protection on or above the third floor.

The evacuation zone is a guideline and should be considered the minimum safe evacuation distance.

These maps do not consider the destructive effects of a locally generated tsunami. If you feel shaking, move inland immediately, well away from the evacuation zone.



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